We provides all type of software solutions such as Mobile Apps, Video Games, Web Applications, Websites, and Windows & Mac Applications, in addition to all Digital Marketing and Graphic Design need!

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Using Flutter cross-platform mobile development with the new Google OOP language Dart and integrated with Firebase and Intercom, Casandra App is a brand new App created for real estate investment and includes purchases, sales, real estate stock prices and displaying the share price chart for investment.

For Every Mother App

A fun and interactive educational application designed for mothers and women. The interactive application is designed to spread awareness among all women about many important topics, such as breastfeeding and pregnancy during the period of infection with Coronavirus and other topics of concern to women.

Kanu Guess App

Test your Syriac skills with this interactive game! Complete all the levels to unlock the last one. KANU GUESS is our first video game challenging you to learn new words. Available on Android and iOS. Look out for new levels and updates.

For Every Child App

A fun educational interactive App made for children of all ages. The interactive app is developed to spread awareness to all children about several important topics, such as COVID-19, Health, Hygiene promotion, and others. The kids will enjoy “learning while playing”. The application Is presented in several languages; Arabic, English, Kurdish, and Syriac.


A Xamarin App backed-up by ASP.NET MVC Admin Portal from which admin can access and manage the fully secured data retrieved from MS.


Is An Enjoyable And Simple Free Game Aimed To Teach Children The Syriac Alphabet Providing An Interactive And Funny Animations And Sound Effects, Zalinville ABC Will Foster Creativity And Will Motivate Them To Learn The Alphabet Easily.


Website and Web APIs are built with Node.js and React, interfacing with Mobile App built on Xamarin coded in C#. is the best place to find a unique Syriac name for your newborn.


A CRM Web Application with Bible Search Engine feature to support Reading, Filtering, Navigating and Keyword Searching.


Registration and role-based Web and App System built in .NET. KnuthApp and KnuthWeb are KLS’ way of communicating its neologism with the public.KnuthApp allows the KLS committee to discuss and agree on a neologism and dissiminate the approved neologisms to the end users.


Rinyo brings you the Suryoyo Youth East USA (SY-East USA) app! This is the official mobile app for youth of the Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox for the Eastern United States. Comprised of 22 parishes, the archdiocese's youth is led by a youth director and a youth leadership team consisting of volunteer leaders throughout the country.


Mobile application scan the QR Codes and displays images and sounds and texts in Syriac language Eastern and Western dialects


Learning Syriac For Kids Is Easy With Zalinville. Play Any Of Our Categories In Either Eastern Or Western Syriac Dialects While Testing Your Memory In This Exciting New Word-Association Game.


First fully-fledged Syriac Articles Website, with support to both Eastern and Western Syriac fonts. The Syriac expression, “Karyo hliso,” carries messages of encouragement and courage in the face of loss. In Syriac, karyo has two distinct meanings: First, it means plump, fat, and short; secondly, a heap of wheat after being separated from the chaff. Just as karyo carries two meanings in Syriac, so also does hliso. The first is to steal, raid, extort, and rob. The second meaning is to be couragious, heroic, fearless, and active, even gallant.


BET KANU is a team of creatives with a mission to build a foundation to advance the endangered dialects of the Syriac language. We achieve this goal by creating all types of media products such as web and mobile applications, websites, animations and books. Our full-time team of talented professionals in the homeland works seamlessly with the supporting volunteers in the diaspora to offer the best possible learning resources.


Based On An Ancient Mesopotamian Tale, The "Grandma And The Fox" Is Finally Brought To Life For The First Time!!! Download Now This Amazing Story To Listen To And Interact With The Grandmother And The Fox And Meet Some New Friends! A NEW And Innovative Method For Kids To Learn The Syriac (Assyrian/Aramaic) Language In Both Eastern And Western Dialects!


In Midst of an existential threat to the indigenous Assyrians by ISIS, the filmmaker travels back to his ancestral homeland, Syria, on a journey of nostalgia and discovery.


Sargon Saadi | Cinematographer. A visual website built on pure HTML, JS, & CSS to showcase the portfolio of a professional Cinematographer in based in LA.

Traffic Safety Is Responsibility of All

Awareness video using motion graphics

Together to protect the Syrian heritage

Awareness video using motion graphics

Akitu and Nawroz

An introductory video about Eid Nowroz and Akito within the campaign (Our Holidays Icons Peace)

Explosives Awareness Video

Explosive hazards in Iraq pose a significant risk to communities in conflict-affected areas


"Syriac For The Digital Age" BET KANU and its goals, ambitions and tracks can be found in the introductory video about our organization.

Etuti: Generations of New Leaders are Rising

What is Etuti Institute? What does Etuti do? Where and how does Etuti operate? How to continbute to our mission?